Meta Drive
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Fig. 2.1 MDT circulation process; will only be available at level 30
The number of MDT tokens is strictly limited. The ultimate number of MDT tokens is 2,500,000,000.
A distinctive feature of the Meta Drive Token economy is the presence of two financial flows. NFT car owners can be considered active users (players). Each NFT car is given a certain amount of free fuel, which players may burn in races and, in the case of victories (special events related to project milestone dates or collaboration with investors). The amount of free fuel for each NFT car is replenished to the set amount every day in the case of complete or partial burning. The conversion of fuel into MDT tokens is the foundation of the Play-to-Earn ideology in the Meta Drive project.
To increase the number of DRW tokens farmed, the player may improve the existing NFT car, as well as buy new, rarer, and more powerful ones. The actions of the players provide a second financial stream of MDT tokens, which are returned to the Meta Drive Token core.
Figure 2.1 Game Economy
To get started and earn in the Meta Drive Token metaverse, it is required to purchase some kind of digital asset, the most affordable of which is an entry-level car.
Rides are the primary source of farmed MDT tokens.
The MDT token and its use is intended to progress the game, which results in wider use of the token and game assets. The more actions in the game, the more tokens are in circulation. This results in more tokens being farmed. The more players play, the more they want to play the game and acquire game assets. This completes the circulation of tokens.
At the same time, special attention is paid to the balance of offers for the purchase and sale of MDT tokens.
The game mechanics have been designed so that there is a constant demand for the purchase of MDT tokens. This allows users to play the game by purchasing various game assets, including NFTs, which are issued in strictly limited batches. Rewards can be increased or decreased to change the number of tokens sold.
In order to encourage users to hold digital assets, certain incentives have been developed. First, this is the dependence of the reward on the cost and rarity of the NFT cars used. The more valuable and rare they are the higher your rewards.
The purpose of creating these incentives is to ensure that the virtual process leads to a constant increase in the number of new users, as well as to encourage existing users to continue staying in and interacting with the ecosystem. The longer a user is active in the metaverse, the more he/she earns, which encourages him/her to keep playing