Meta Drive


Energy plays an important role in earning tokens. Only if there is energy available, there will be a reward for driving. Running out of energy means running out of earnings.
  • Fuel/energy starts accumulating only after the acquisition of the first Cars;
  • If there is 1 car, the player's maximum fuel/energy value is 0,5 <Fuel_Tank> from the car, when acquiring a new car, the value of the 0,5 <Fuel_Tank> attribute of the new car is added to the player's current fuel. Example: a player has a car with fuel attribute = 10 and a car with attribute = 20, i.e. the player has a total of 15 fuel;
  • The second half of the fuel can be purchased at fuel stations for $DRW;
  • Fuel/energy is spent at 0.75 units per minute;
  • If you put the car up for sale, it will stop producing fuel/energy.
Fuel/energy regeneration determines the amount of fuel/energy the user receives per second.
Car fuel at 6-hour intervals regenerates by 25%. All cars have a base fuel regeneration of 0.25.
Users start with one car and with <Fuel_Tank> fuel units. Users are able to increase the maximum amount of fuel/energy by purchasing more cars.
  • <Fuel_Tank> is a parameter value divided by consumption per minute, which gives N minutes of the ride paid by tokens.
Table 2.2.3 (1) Formula table for increasing the maximum amount of fuel/energy through purchasing more cars.
If NFT cars have additional stats, then the amount of fuel/energy will be increased.
Car stats
The amount of additional fuel/energy (to be summed up with total)
+0.1 <Fuel_Tank>
+0.3 <Fuel_Tank>
For example:
If a player has an Uncommon car with one Common car, then the following will be credited:
  • F is fuel/energy
  • BPC means base per car
  • BFR means bonus for rarity

Earning Limit or Maximum Income

The game has a daily fuel/energy limit and a daily token limit. These limits cap off the amount of fuel/energy and tokens users can earn per day.

Daily amount of fuel/energy

Users start the game with 2/2 fuel/energy. The maximum amount of fuel/energy is 20/20. Users may increase their fuel/energy by upgrading the car or purchasing higher-class cars.

Daily number of tokens

Users start the game with a daily limit of 5/5 DRW. The daily token limit reaches a maximum of 300 DRW. Users may increase their daily token limit by leveling up their cars. The user may additionally increase the DRW limit above 300/300 permanently. This option will only become visible when you reach 90% of your current daily limit.

Earning Mechanics

The system constantly adds randomness to the DRW earnings of users, which makes earnings unpredictable. In order to avoid any extrapolation of income, the DRW calculation will be done every few minutes. The formula for converting 1 unit of fuel into 1 DRW/MDT.
Convert=TTC×KHP×KDrive×KlvlKfuelConvert = TTC × K HP × K Drive × K lvl - K fuel
TTC - Type of car with its main attributes (performance and eco-friendliness)
K HP - coefficient from the current durability
K Drive - coefficient from driving score
K lvl - coefficient calculated based on the level
K fuel - coefficient calculated from indicators of attributes of the fuel tank and fuel efficiency

Factors affecting profit:

  • Car attributes;
  • Driving score;
  • Car level;
  • Car type;
  • Avatars.