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HP Durability

HP represents the health point of a car. HP increases by increasing the level of the car, applying certain effects to the car, or purchasing items that increase performance. Since all cars have a starting performance and performance gain upon leveling up, their HP pool increases with the level. The base performance cannot lower below 1 but it is possible to reach a total value of 0 by reducing the performance.

HP Recovery

HP shall be restored by burning DRWs. Increasing a car's current HP means the recovery of that car. Recovery cannot increase a car's HP beyond its maximum pool.
Burning DRWs to restore HP based on the cost of 1% repair.
The cost is calculated from the base one plus a coefficient from the car's attributes. The better the car, the more expensive the repair.
There are some restrictions that are imposed on you with a dramatic decrease in HP:
  • HP<100% means you can not sell/transfer the car;
  • HP<20% means energy is not gained;
  • HP=0 - you can not drive (even if you have fuel/energy).
For the first 48 hours after the mint, the HP bar of new cars remains full. When a car reaches level 25, HP is fully restored.