Meta Drive

MDT Tokenomics

MDT (Meta Drive Token) is the managing token of the project. A total of 2,500,000,000 MDT tokens will be issued. 35% of the total MDT will be allocated among users through movement and earnings and participation in management. To ensure the longevity of the Meta Drive Token project, the total supply of MDTs will be halved every three years.

Allocation of tokens:

Cumulative allocation of tokens:

MDT will open with 16.3% MDTs for strategic sale, the first 0.6% tokens will be unlocked in Q3 year 1 (then ~0.6-0.7% every month); (“unlock”) for further full disposal by the owners.
Team and Strategic Sale tokens are also burned while implementing a deflationary model. With the same demand for MDTs, its rate will grow since the very number of tokens is decreasing.
Earning MDTs is only available for cars that have reached level 30.
It is a requirement to have the third level of fuel/energy increase in order to start earning MDTs.