Meta Drive
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In addition to types and rarity, cars also have levels that can be increased, thereby increasing attributes.
Initially, each model is of level 1; the maximum level is 30. Each level-up is paid in DRW tokens (some levels will also require MDTs) and requires a fixed amount of time. With each subsequent increase, both time and cost will increase but the process can be accelerated by using even more DRW tokens.
Leveling up increases the maximum daily earnings limit and awards attribute boost points. The number of points is fixed and depends on the rarity of the cars.
In addition to increasing the attributes, cars at some levels receive additional upgrades, which is why the cost of upgrading to these levels is much higher.
Upgrade unlock
Opportunity of the car mint
Renting function
Opportunity to reassign attributes
Opportunity of increasing DRW generation through burning MDTs
Restores full HP
Opportunity to earn MDT tokens
At the maximum level (30), the user will need to choose between earning DRWs or MDTs, with the option to change the choice.