Meta Drive

DRW Tokenomics

DRW is the utility token of the Meta Drive ecosystem and it is used as the in-game currency of the project that is farmed (earned) during the game. DRWs are required to repair, upgrade, and manufacture NFT cars. DRW can be earned when users move around.
Players receive DRWs through the Meta Drive app, lexical players are generated in driving modes. Investors can also earn DRWs by renting out their NFTs to platform users or new players.
All application features require DRWs:
  • Car minting;
  • Car repair;
  • Car upgrades.
NFTs are of varying quality and have various attributes; updating is done by burning DRW tokens. Users can trade everything they own on the integrated NFT marketplace:
  • Cars;
  • Avatars;
  • Rent NFTs.
Last modified 4mo ago