Meta Drive


August 2022
  • Conceptual formation of Meta Drive project’s core algorithms, game, and game scenarios
  • Calculation of project sustainability based on microeconomic indicators inclusive of three user cohorts
  • Development of:
    • game balance prototype and mathematical model technical documentation;
    • customer journey flow;
    • intermediate art options for NFTs project;
    • Tokenomics and White Paper
  • Design of mobile application interfaces
September 2022
  • Formation of the development team, including programmers, analysts, and testers
  • Preparation of technical requirements for the development team
  • Outlined business requirements for application, smart contract, marketplace, and wallet developments
  • Preparation of ToR, including functional and non-functional requirements for Meta Drive
  • Commenced development under a sprint approach, with refreshed versions every two weeks (including testing)
October 2022
  • App release to Testflight for iOS and APK file for Android
  • Development of smart contract architecture, including NFT cars and Rolling Bones avatars, $MDT, $DRW, marketplace 721/1155, deployer and verifier
  • Designed cross-platform prototype (50+ screens)
  • Implemented in-app navigation
  • Created database ER diagram
  • Added:
    • user registration by email/nickname and password (WEB2 authentication)
    • password recovery via user email
    • wallet protection mechanism (pin code) to secure a user’s wallet
    • function to create a custodial wallet by seed phrase (WEB3 authentication)
    • QR code generation from wallet address
    • ability to view and track wallet balance
    • Connected Binance Smart Chain testnet
  • Implemented:
    • receiving data from the blockchain provider
    • send function of BNB token to a wallet address with a defined, accompanying network fee
    • ability to view incoming and outgoing transactions with BNB token (transaction name, date, number of tokens, link to BscScan with completed transaction)
  • Added:
    • test car and trip to implement the Driver Score calculation mechanism
    • test avatar, demonstrating a variable impact on the driver’s trip
  • Implemented a mechanism to collect car movement parameters (latitude, longitude, time) every second of a driver’s movement
  • Issued the first car for trip testing and collecting geolocation data of the driver
  • Conducted test trips to collect data for the calculation of an optimal driver score
  • Added the ability to edit email, password, and nickname data in a user’s account
  • Formulas updated to the car’s basic metadata (Performance, Wear and Tear, Eco-Friendliness, Fuel Economy Fuel Tank Capacity) and user's earnings limits
  • Formation of business and marketing departments for the expanded development of the project within the ecosystem of NFT projects
November 2022
  • Development of marketing channels to attract audiences and build a community
  • Collaborations with third-party avatar projects to build an ecosystem of partners and a network of future customers
  • Development of a campaign to recruit project OGs and build-out a referral system
  • Guerrilla marketing and active maintenance of social networks
  • Promotion of Meta Drive brand via public relations (PR), while increasing the scope of marketing to broader audiences
  • Maintenance of the project’s technical development activities
  • Implementation of improvements to NFT car’s gaming scenarios (level up with the possibility of reducing waiting time, buying virtual fuel, buying HP, increasing income limit)
  • Final implementation of the driving mechanism
  • Coordination of the reporting entity and its attributes with their subsequent implementation
  • Enable driving analytics reports to be shared through social media
  • Reconciliation of achievements entity and its attributes Integrating logic into changing attributes of rewards in accordance with gameplay
  • Minter ERC20/721/1155 service, refactoring and improvements to API security part
  • Preparation of final art design of NFT avatar and ca
December 2022/January 2023
  • Community building
  • Launch Twitter/Discord campaigns
  • Build partner network for third-party NFT integrations
  • Marketing, PR, and community development
  • Influencer network growth
  • Technical development of personal account management dashboard in mobile application, including:
    • achievements
    • collections of avatars
    • car collections driver rating
    • driving reports
  • Avatar setup in Meta Drive mobile app Development of automatic metadata updating mechanism
  • Preparation of $DRW Token Generation Event
  • Internal team playtests
January/February 2023
  • Rolling Bones avatar drop event, including Freemints
  • Rolling Bones Staking dedicated to distribution of Meta Drive car NFTs
  • Raffle Quest launch
  • RB listings on marketplaces ME and OS
  • Preparation for official public NFT car box drop event
  • Grant access to Meta Drive beta application on iOS/Android to a select number of users
February/March 2023
  • The balance prototype without leveling up acceleration cost is tested (statistics collected)
    • The project with an initial unbalanced cost is tested (statistics collected)
    • Identified possible ways to control the balances — the ability to increase or decrease the cost, change the time that is accelerating
    • A test generator was developed for testing the balance, since Excel did not allow flexible control, we had to implement a console application for balancing purposes
    • Balanced attribute value ranges for all 5 auto classes and all types of rarity
    • Now mathematicians are rewriting the Driver Score service to a faster programming language. We expect a performance increase of at least 10 times
    • We have made a transition from public nodes to Quicknode service nodes, eliminated an additional hashing layer that created delays in requests necessary to obtain transaction list for wallet balances update
    • QR code and game logo to the report shared by the user are added
    • A timer for automatic fuel replenishment (hours, minutes, seconds) instead of refueling in 2 hours is added
    • The pause and continue options within a trip are added
    • The number of committed violations (acceleration and breaking), the total number of kilometers traveled, and the maximum speed are added to the report
    • The car’s image, type, rarity, and ID are added
    • The error during registration when entering the wrong nickname is corrected
    • Status modal pop-ups are added
    • Beta community playtests are to be started
March/April 2023
  • Transition of mobile app's core architecture to Solana rails
  • Analysis and elimination of remaining bugs from community playtests
  • Minting mechanism development start
  • NFTs liquidity support, floor price support
  • Listing on RB NFTs ecosystem tools
  • Influencer network growth
  • Preparation to investment rounds and Meta Drive Car Mint Event
  • PFP Twitter Staking launch
  • Co-branded cars with 3rd party projects
  • 3rd party avatar integration business development
  • Active marketing&PR
April/May 2023
  • Meta Drive Mint Event, stage 1
  • Meta Drive Car Box Program launch
  • Meta Cars Staking event
  • Elaboration of gamification of high levels in the direction of mitigating / disabling DRW caps, DRW consumption and free fuel
  • Consider expanding game mechanics to create additional fuel churn/DRW
  • Studying the dependence of the DRW-MDT course on the external / internal conditions of the project and the market (SOL-blockchain)
  • Development of a business plan for investment attraction with a demonstration of the stability of the project over the next 5 years (approximately)
  • Possibly - a new version of the calculation of the general tokenomics indicating the turnover / calculation of the application economy, taking into account the turnover and users
  • Meta Drive car NFTs minting event on launchpad
  • Minting mechanism launch and access sharing to a select number of users
May/June 2023
  • Meta Drive Mint Event, stage 2
  • Driver Score technology system development completion
  • Beta community playtests, round 2.
  • Implementation of NFT burn function, including compliance verification with requirements to game assets
  • Meta Car NFT customization features
  • Radius-based staking development
  • Swap function development
  • Preparation for official app release in Apple and Android stores
  • IDOs on launchpads
  • MDT/DRW TGE events
  • Radius-based staking and launch of virtual fuel stations
  • Dynamic NFTs and tuning garage technical development
  • Begin integration of new blockchains
  • Production version release of Meta Drive mobile application on iOS and Android
  • $MDT listing on CEXs
July/August 2023
  • Launch of dynamic NFTs and tuning garage
  • Development of car NFT rental service
  • Integration of new blockchain protocols
  • Launch of car NFT rental service
  • Launch NFT Driver Pass with cashback features
  • Navigator and Voice Helper design
  • Develop new strategies and application scale by market
  • Launch of Driver's Adventures and interactive Map Mode to track the locations dedicated to in-game driving scenarios.
  • Develop exclusive, rare car collections in collaboration with third parties
  • Airdrops