Meta Drive

Rarity Upgrade and Burn

The user may burn 5 cars of the same rarity and obtain 1 car of higher quality in return.
For example: burned 5 Common - got 1 Uncommon.
At the same time, the maximum base attributes of the new car will be 20% higher than standard (obtained by the mint (creation), not burning) cars of the same rarity.
For example: the base attributes of standard Common cars range from 8 to 18. The attributes of an Uncommon car obtained through the burning mechanism will be 20% higher, within the range from 9.6 to 21.6.

Table of upgraded car attributes

Car Attributes
Upgraded Car Attributes

Inherited parameters from burning

There are only two such parameters:
  • Type of car;
  • The fuel tank is averaged.
The type of car depends entirely on the cars burned. For example: if we burn 5 Off-road, we will obtain a 100% Off-road at the output. If we burn, for example, 3 City Cars and 2 Tourist Car, then the probability of obtaining a City Car is 60% and the probability of obtaining a Touring Car will be 40%.

Requirements for NFTs Being Burned

All 5 NFTs are of the same rarity and shall be fully repaired.

Upgrade Cost

DRW and MDT tokens will be required in order to perform an upgrade. The cost will depend on the rarity:
Table Cost table for a car upgrade.
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