Meta Drive
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NFT Avatars Free Mint

Rolling Bones is a FREE mint NFT collection of 6,000 unique avatars designed to boost the attributes of NFT cars and multiply drivers’ rewards in the Meta Drive game.
Meta Drive users can own the NFT avatar of the pilot/driver. Drivers somehow affect the attributes of the car. Avatars are divided into 4 types:


Constantly making sure the speakers are playing the perfect song, this type of driver enjoys the attention, always making sure to sing along.
Base effect on attributes:
  • Fuel tank capacity - 1.07 multiplier
  • Performance - 0,98 multiplier
This type of driver never gets lost, even if a little gets lost. They prefer to stay organic by knowing the name of every street in your area and driving anywhere and everywhere without the help of a GPS.
Base effect on attributes:
  • Fuel economy - 1,01 multiplier
  • Eco-friendliness - 1,02 multiplier

Neat freaks

This type of driver is distinguished by the special cleanliness of the interior of their car. No trash is insured, whether it be your wrappers, your papers, or yourself.
Base effect on attributes:
  • Wear and tear - 1,02 multiplier
  • Eco-friendliness - 1,01 multiplier


This person wants you to know how good a driver he is. The safety and comfort of their passengers is their greatest joy and they will let you know that they have never been stopped.
Base effect on attributes:
  • Performance - 1,1 multiplier
  • Wear and tear - 0,98 multiplier