Meta Drive


Global team: 15 employees.

Founders and team

Max Diffenbakh, Founder and Chief Executive Officer Max has a wide experience in the business/marketing/community development area since 2017. He has successfully contributed to 10+ projects in Blockchain and Fintech industries. Latest performance:
  • Building a fintech infrastructure to launch banking services like payment card programs, banking accounts in EUR/GBP, foreign currency exchange, money remittances through SEPA/Faster Payments/SWIFT, acquiring services, and payment gateways.
  • Obtaining licenses of an Agent of E-money Institution and E-money Distributor with the Financial Сonduct Authority in the UK and the Central Bank of Ireland.
  • Obtaining cryptocurrency licenses in various jurisdictions, including Estonia, Malta, and Lithuania.
  • Building a network of partner companies, consisting of financial institutions in Europe, such as Modulr Finance and Railsbank.
  • Partnering with a big number of direct banking acquirers and processing gateways for processing operations of buying/selling cryptocurrencies with Visa/Mastercard/alternative payment methods.
  • Interaction with Visa/Mastercard on launching card programs in various jurisdictions, including Europe, the UK, Australia, and Singapore.
  • Building Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism procedures framework and team.
  • Designing the flow of funds in the chain of services, business economics, and customer journey.
Social - Andre Arkhipov, Co-founder and Marketing Growth Lead Co-Founder & COO of Grasp Digital Agency. He has also worked with 15+ projects from the Crypto & DeFi industries as Marketing Advisor and Public Relations manager. Successfully managed marketing teams in international start-ups. Social - Arseny Myakotnikov, Co-founder and CMO Background - An expert in creating and executing marketing strategies for tech & blockchain projects. As the Chief Marketing Officer at Midas Investments, he increased the platform’s TVL from $16 million to $317 million. Social - Denis Lopatin, Head of Technical Development Background - Practical skills in project management. Experience in major areas of IT: development, software development, and maintenance. Previously was creating a transport control center for controlling transportation for the Olympics goods at the Olympics in Sochi 2014 (equipment, special software development, and integrations to main carriers systems); introduced new ECM and ServiceDesk systems. Social - Michael Merezhkin, Technical Lead Background - Extensive experience in developing mobile and web custodial and non-custodial crypto wallets; expertise in the integration of blockchain providers, E-commerce acquiring and processing, crypto exchange, and banking API solution providers. C# .NET, Solidity, backend. Social - Nikita Galkin, Full-stack developer Background - Technical expert in application architecture design, development of real-time web/mobile applications (React, React Native), development of scalable high-load backends (Node.js, Golang), and automation of technological processes (DevOps). Author of video chat “Talks”. Social - Alexandra Leonenko, Head of PR Backgound - PR Strategy (US & Europe), media monitoring & analysis, increasing public presence of the brand and CEO in media, public positioning of the brand and its management as top experts in their industry, building long-term relations with the Java-focused and tech media, arranging all sorts of PR materials including comments to media, press releases, articles of different formats, increasing brand mentions via rating platforms (analysis, allocation of the brand to such platforms, arranging reviews with clients), collabing with rating platforms that include Gratner,, Clutch and more, working with professional associations that help better PR positioning, such Linux foundation and similar. Social - Anton Galkin, IOS/Android developer Background - Mobile developer on Mobile Platforms Xamarin, IOS, and Android with a total experience of working in this field worth of 2 years. Previously, worked under the management of Denis Lopatin, our Head of Technical Development. Social - Airat Muratov, Business/Collab Operational Manager Background - experience of working in the oil company "Lukoil", involving an international relations office, scientific-educational center management, teaching staff, and trainees engage in mediation, informational exchange, and data collection. Airat provided guidance and support in educational, work, and domestic matters, as well as arrangements for extra free time activities to the group of foreign oil production engineers. Social - Ismail Bagosher, VC Builder Background - Extensive experience in helping to build the ground for fundraising strategy successfully helped to raise funding for Emiswap exchange worth $1 million+ of total investments, collaborated with many projects on Near Foundation helping them to raise funding based on Near Ecosystem Grants program. Social - Kalpesh Parmar, Partnership manager Background - -> Partnerships/collaborations head - -> Partnerships/collaborations head - -> Collaborations manager - -> Collaborations manager - -> Collaborations manager - -> Collaborations manager - -> Collaborations manager - -> Collaborations manager - Social - Akilesh Ravi, Community Lead Background - Previously worked at HumanX. He was building an organic community from scratch, designing project-catered events, games, and events schedules for the week, and was responsible for complete moderator management like hiring, firing, and managing mods, weekly mod calls, whitelisting duties, ticket duties, and chat management, maintaining team harmony and co-ordination, server management, bot integrations, approached projects for collab events, and organized discord server raids. Social - Ivan Lomtev, Technical support Background - Our amazing tech support, who is currently leading the entire beta testing process, With two years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, he has worked on projects involving the development of investment products, DeFi, Mining, and copy trading. Social - Smol, Public Speaker Background - A web3 agency advising projects, SMM Social -


CODE LAB, software developer utilizing advanced technologies and methods of artificial intelligence.
  • Back-end: С, C++, GO, NodeJS, Python;
  • Front-end: JavaScript, Typescript, React;
  • Computer vision/ML: C, C++, Python (PyTorch, Tensorflow, OpenCV);
  • Mobile hybrid: React Native;
  • DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD.
AppFox, developer of mobile and interactive applications, virtual quests and browser games.
  • Kotlin;
  • Vue.js;
  • Laravel;
  • Swift;
  • Unity;
  • Unreal Engine;
  • Flutter;
  • VR;
  • AR.