Meta Drive
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There are several ways to burn MDT tokens:
  • Upgrade;
  • When increasing the level of cars at certain stages (levels 5/10/20/29/30);
  • Increased DRW daily earnings limit;
  • Rarity upgrade;
  • To reassign attribute points.
MDT burning formula:
M is the amount of MDTs to be burned.
N is the total number of blocks produced on the MDT chain during a calendar quarter. A typical MDT block time should be around 3 seconds, that's why the number of blocks created per hour would be approximately 1,200 (3,600 seconds per hour divided by 3). Assuming there are three thirty-day months in a calendar quarter, N should be approximately equal to 3,600 ÷ 3 × 24 × 30 × 3 = 2,592,000, where 24 is the number of hours in a day, 30 is the number of days in a month, and 3 is the number of months in a quarter.
P is the average price of MDT against the US dollar. This is the median value of the sample and the frequency is every 10,000 blocks, which would be equivalent to about 8.3 hours.
K is a constant value as a price anchor, which is initially set at 1,000. The value can be changed according to the offer.
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