Meta Drive


Meta Drive is a driver-centric web3 mobile app that combines trip data analysis, NFT-based gamification, and cryptocurrency rewards to educate, motivate and entertain drivers.

General Description

Meta Drive is a mobile app designed for drivers to improve their driving experience and safety on the road. The app uses your phone's sensors to analyze driving parameters like acceleration, braking, and speed to calculate a driver score ranging from 0 to 100. A score above 80 is considered safe driving, while a score below 40 is considered unsafe driving.
The app has a gamification feature that rewards users with in-game currency in the form of NFTs and tokens, $MDT and $DRW, for driving safely. Users can use these rewards to improve their virtual NFT car or gain profit. As players progress through the levels, they gain access to new features that enable them to upgrade, customize, breed, stake, or rent out their cars.
Meta Drive's ultimate goal is to reduce traffic accidents and fatalities by motivating drivers to drive more safely and introduce WEB 3 principles into our lives.
Last modified 9mo ago